Arcotherm EC55 Marquee Heater Hire

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Low Cost Marquee Heater Rental

EC55 Indirect 55Kw Marquee Space Heater
Heating Capacity 51Kw / 174,000 BTU/Hr
Weight 80kg Capacity of tank 65 Litres
Weight including full tank 145kg
H 94cm x W 55cm D x 143cm
Noise Rating 74dba
Hose Length 3m or 7.6m
Hose Diameter 356mm (2 x 300mm off 2 - Way Splitter)
Tank Capacity(l) 65
Consumption L/Hr 5.0
Fuel Type Filtered Clean Burn
Ducting hose and diffuser extra if required.
Thermal Efficiency 89.5%.
Will run for 12 hours on a full tank of diesel.
PAYG fuel.
Air Flow 2,500 m3 per hour