Ducting & Controls

Accessories for Marquee/Warehouse Heaters

Stepless phase cutting controller for 1~230V/50Hz...
From £9.95*
EC22 Ducting Hire
EC22 1 Metre Duct and thermostat for hire.
From £6.98*
4 way splitter Hire
4 Way Splitter 300mm for hire.
From £3.48*
Butane Regulator Hire
Butane Regulator with Quick Release for hire.
From £1.73*
300mm Ducting Hire
300mm Ducting per Metre for hire.
From £0.68*
Duct Joining Ring Hire
400mm Duct Joining Ring for hire.
From £1.73*
Heater Pack Hire
Rain Cowl, Flue, Thermostat,2 x 7.4m x 300mm...
From £17.60*
Twin Amp Socket Hire
Plugs into 65amp distro box. Twin 13amp socket...
From £2.78*
BP1803 regulators are mainly used in small to...
From £1.50*
400mm Ducting Hire
Extra ducting for EC 70 or EC 85 with 400mm...
From £1.75*
Distro Cube Hire
Distro Cube 32amp - 2 x 16amp + 2 x 13amp for...
From £15.75*
Distro Cube Hire
2 x 16amp Sockets 2 x 16amp SP MCBs for hire.
From £12.25*
Heater Ducting Splitter Hire
Splitter for 68kw marquee heater. You will need...
From £4.20*
Indirect Heater Ducting Hire
Heater ducting and difuser to fit 400mm x 2 x...
From £9.80*
Ducting Hire
Heater tube from heater to entry point of area to...
From £7.70*
Ducting Hire
EC70 twin duct tubes to two low level diffusers...
From £9.62*
Ducting Hire
Platinum Heater Pack 400mm x 2 x 300mm Tube...
From £22.75*
Gold Marquee Hire
Gold Heater Pack 400mm x 2 x 300mm Tube Splitter...
From £22.75*
Marquee Ducting Hire
Silver Heater Pack Single 7.4m Ducting Tube Std...
From £15.73*
Ducting Hire
Bronze Heater Pack Single 3m Ducting Tube Std...
From £12.60*